Bank Executives Arrested for Financial Instability in Communist China

On July 14th, Miles Guo shared the information from his followers who fled from China ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that to maintain the stability prior to the 20th National Congress, the CCP is striving to prevent the collapse of its financial system and real estate industry. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) puts great pressure on bank executives that if the banks fail to maintain stability, the CCP will arrest the bank executives accordingly.

On July 15th, the CCDI’s website announced bank executives who had been arrested. The list of arrested executives includes Lu Jun, the former deputy director of the CDB Development Fund Management Department of the China Development Bank; Zhou Jie, the vice president of the Guangdong Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Zhang Sen, the President of Jiuquan Branch of China Construction Bank.

According to the CCP’s way of work for ‘Shuanggui Investigation’, which states that a member must “be present at a designated time and designated location” to provide explanations on issues related to an ongoing case, the announcement of investigation can have serious delays and sometimes even proceed without going public.

Now there are three bank executives have been detained, therefore, it can be concluded that a lot more executives have been arrested. This is verified by the insiders’ message from the followers of the Whistleblower Movement in the banking industry who have fled China. With the imploding of Chinese banks one after another, the CCP’s financial system and real estate industry are about to collapse.

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