Japan Expands Budget for Renovation of Self-Defense Force Facilities

The Ministry of Defense will consider expanding the budget, such as renovating the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) facilities, in line with the revision of three security-related documents including the National Security Strategy, which is the long-term guideline for foreign and security policies. A Japanese official concerned revealed on the 17th.

More than 40% of the SDF facilities owned by the ministry are constructed according to the old earthquake resistance standards. Many have exceeded their useful lives. The aging of the facility may affect the training and morale of the members. As Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has shown a strong desire to increase defence spending, it is regarded as an opportunity to secure the budget.

The background to the postponement of facility renovation is that most of the budget has been devoted to equipment such as tanks, aircraft, and escort vessels. Even facilities from the Meiji era are still in use today.

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