Former Catcher Technology Employees Charged for Corporate Espionage

On July 15, 2022, Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecute Office indicted 14 individuals, including Jiafu Zheng(鄭), a former executive of Taiwan Catcher Technology, for violating Securities and Exchange Act and Business Secret Act. 

 Catcher Technology is one of the leading suppliers of Apple iPhone’s metal cases. Jiafu Zheng is the former general manager of Catcher Technology and was responsible for the research and development of new products.

 In 2019, Luxshare Inc. of Communist China negotiated with Catcher Technology to acquire a factory specializing in producing metal shells for Apple iPhones. Jiafu Cheng took advantage of his position to poach several talents, who are Taiwanese or Chinese citizens, from Catcher Technology, and asked them to steal the technical documents related to the research and development of computer cases and phone cases by Catcher for the Luxshare. During this time, they received TWD 2-4 million in settlement fees from Luxshare.

 Cheng resigned from Catcher Technology in August 2020 and joined Luxshare in October. Cheng stole a few documents related to technical secrets, including the surface treatment agent on the iPhone case and the scraper codes (960, 106) used to make the back case of the iPhone 11 and 12, etc., leading Catcher Technology to suffer huge losses.

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