1 Billion Citizen Data Leak Pose Significant Threat to Communist China

Data of China’s 1 billion residents leakage incident is of significant threat to Communist China, according to Miles in a Gettr Livestream on July 14th. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) designated the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and the Minister of Public Security among other high prifile figures to handle the issue and minize the risk. The dictatorship attempted every possible move, such as deleting the leaked data through major websites and various cloud data providers, or directly buying out the content, to prevent further damages.

The data of 1 billion residents contains sensitive and important information. First, the total population in mainland China is between 970 million and 1 billion. Second, considerable amount of financial data and information is in the leaked dataset. For example, the total market value of real-estate in Communsit China far exceeds the officially claimed 66 trillion US dollars, reaching 100 trillion US dollars in reality.

A senior management staff of China’s national bank fled mainland China recently, who has valuable financial inside information of Communist China and will share it with the U.S. Government. According to insider, many inside the financial sector are attempting to leave Communist China, which is aided by information provided by the Whitleblower Movement.

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