Invasion of Ukraine causes Russian economy to collapse with it’s stock market falls below 2,100 points

Moscow’s stock market fell below 2,100 points on July 13, the lowest point since Russia announced the start of it’s “special military operation” on Feb. 24, TASS reported.

A chart on Communist China’s online discussion forum, Zhihu, illustrating the plummet of Russian Stock Market.

A closer look at the recent Russian situation shows that this dilemma is well documented.

First, the British government announced on June 29 that it had sanctioned Vladimir Potanin, the second richest man in Russia and a financial oligarch. He is the CEO of the Russian nickel producer – Norilsk Nickel. The company is one of the world’s largest producers of nickel, palladium and copper.

Second, on June 30, Gazprom’s share price suddenly collapsed, plunging by more than 32% at one point. As a result, Russia’s MOEX index fell heavily by 7.3%, while Russia’s RTS index plunged by more than 7% at one point in the session before finally closing down 4.81%.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement on June 30 saying that Russia will temporarily restrict the export of amino acid feed and rice from July 1 to December 31.

It is surprising to see that the entire month of gains in the Russian stock market in June suddenly fell off completely in less than a week in July. This is an extremely rare occurrence worldwide.

But to put things into perspective, this is an expectable outcome, because throughout history, all totalitarian regimes tend to speed up the pace towards their demise due to thee insanity, arrogance and and ambition of their dictators.

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