WeChat is the Most Powerful Surveillance Tool for the CCP

An article on July 12th well explained how WeChat is the most powerful surveillance tool for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to control its people.

As one of the largest social media platforms in today’s world, WeChat has more active users than Snapchat and Twitter altogether. Since its earlier days, WeChat was a project strongly supported by the CCP Government. Under governmental assistance, WeChat has an increasing number of registered users every year as almost all aspects of people’s lives rely deeply on WeChat in China. This includes travel, housing, banking, dating, music, shopping, socializing, etc.

WeChat shares their big data with the CCP Government. The Chinese Government can call data from WeChat to better monitor people for any event, such as during the pandemic. Individual SOS messages could be fully blocked by WeChat whether in Wuhan or Shanghai. If too many “sensitive opinions” are sent, judged by the CCP, the sender’s WeChat account could even be suspended.

Ma Huateng, the big boss of WeChat, has been in exit restrictions from China for a long time. Miles Guo revealed that platforms like WeChat, ZOOM, TikTok, etc. act as domestic and international propaganda tools of the CCP, collect users’ information, limit speech freedom and destroy countless lives.

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