Paul Hastings’ Conflict of Interest With Miles Guo – Binance

On July 13th, during his Grand Live Broadcast, Miles Guo once again mentioned his recent Chapter 11 trustee appointment change.

Miles said that the appearance of Paul Hastings LLP is a big “gift” for the Whistleblower Movement to take down the Chinese Communist Party; the unlawful Chapter 11 trustee appointment change will help the Whistleblower Movement to dig out the “evil” hidden in the U.S. Department of Justice. The DOJ’s “evil” is the same group of people who lobbied ex-president Donald Trump to deport Miles, with Higginbotham, Stephen Wynn, Elliot Broidy, and are related to PAG, Wang Qishan, Sun Lijun, Bruno Wu, and Jho Low.
After the July 8th court hearing, during which the “appointed” Chapter 11 Trustee Luc A. Despins deceived Judge Manning by claiming his disinterestedness with PAG; during the July 12th hearing, Despins, after reluctantly admitted that Paul Hastings has represented PAG in the past, but added that their lawyer fee from PAG only takes 0.04% of the law firm’s annual income, without disclosing the fact, that more than half of Paul Hastings’ 1.5 billion USD income is from Communist China.

Out of the hundreds to more than a thousand cases of Paul Hastings’ representation of Communist China companies, many of them represent the direct conflict of interest with Miles Guo through malicious lawsuits and personal sabotages, among them, there is one of the world’s top 5 cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Binance.

On April 07, 2020, Paul Hastings LLP, through their official website, announced that the law firm has represented Binance in its acquisition of CoinMarketCap, “the most cited crypto asset price data website in the cryptocurrency field”.

Since Nov 19, 2021, Miles Guo has exposed many shocking unknown facts of Binance, including that Zhao Changpeng, the founder of Binance, is Wang Qishan’s money laundering agent, Binance doesn’t have KYC procedure, no legitimate office address, or any cryptocurrency license; Binance has provided its clients data to the CCP which has directly caused the countless Chinese clients being arrested and their cryptocurrency assets being seized by the CCP in Communist China.

Zhao Changpeng has been revealed to have been spreading rumors and defaming Himalaya Exchange through Bloomberg media outlets, another personal interest affiliation of Wang Qishan. Miles Guo once stated jokingly in his live stream, that the DOJ’s appointment of Paul Hastings’ long-term partner and co-chair Luc Despins, equals to appointing Wang Qishan as his Chapter 11 trustee.

The significant conflict of interest between Paul Hastings and Miles Guo is not only through direct lawsuit entanglements; but also because Miles Guo is the leader of the Whistleblower Movement, who is considered the number one enemy of the CCP, the dictatorship regime that has been illegally ruling China for more than 72 years, and Paul Hastings has been representing CCP henchmen and stalwarts in many cases against Miles Guo.

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