Hong Kong Plans to Introduce Health Code” to Control Residents”

On July 12th, the Hong Kong government announced that they would adopt “health codes” scan, which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been using to conduct pandemic prevention and control for residents in mainland Communist China.

It has raised serious concerns that health codes violate privacy and are a powerful political tool to enforce resident control.

The health codes have several colors, red for confirmed cases, yellow for people quarantined, and green for those are free from the CCP virus (COVID-19). Depending on the color, one’s human rights can be forcibly violated. Most of the red-coded people in mainland Communist China are classified by the government as needing control, such as the depositors in Henan Province. These people cannot withdraw their money from government-owned banks and are given red codes by the system because they want to defend their rights.

In response to whether health codes will be used as a political tool to control residents, the Hong Kong government repeatedly assured the public it would never use health codes to engage in politics.

Since Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Movement in 2019, Hong Kong has lost its freedom. The CCP has punctured its own promise to the world that Hong Kong’s policy would remain unchanged for 50 years. Lying is the nature of the Chinese Communist Party. Who will believe them now?

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