Stop Ukraine’s Food Exports! Russia Ordered the Confiscation of Two Foreign Freighters

On July 5th, two ships flying foreign flags were confiscated by the pro-Russia separatist government in the southeastern Ukrainian port of Mariupol and became so-called “state-owned property.”

This is the first time this has happened. The separatist Donetsk People’s Republic of Ukraine respectively notified the two shipping companies through its foreign ministry that their ships were the subject of “forcible appropriation of movable property with forced conversion into state property” with no compensation paid to the shipowners. The two ships are Smarta flying the Liberian flag and Blue Star I flying the Panamanian flag. The Liberian shipowner called this an illegal act and condemned it’s “against all norms of international law.”

The pro-Russia secessionists are actually just “puppets”. It’s obvious that Russia was behind the scene. They’re aiming at preventing Ukrainian food exports and hence cutting off Ukrainian economic lifeblood, in order to completely “destroy” Ukraine. People need to know that 90% of Ukrainian food is exported overseas! On the other hand, Russia wants to create a global food crisis through the Russian-Ukraine war to achieve its strategic ambitions. In fact, the global food crisis has already appeared, with soaring inflation index, the global economic crisis is arriving. As Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the whistle-blower movement, said, “The worst moment” is at hand.” The author hopes more people could wake up sooner, be prepared, and pass through this darkest moment in human history safely!

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