Sri Lanka’s bankruptcy may lead to world recession

On July 10th, Miles Guo said in the live broadcast that he had anticipated the bankruptcy of Sri Lanka before. The Chinese Communist Party is behind all disasters.

Sri Lanka, a country nominally known as a socialist democracy, is controlled by the Rajapaksa family. A son in the Rajapaksa family serves as its president, while another son acts as its finance minister. Sri Lanka has an excellent living environment, surrounded by the ocean.

Sri Lanka once wanted to nationalize the Himalaya Exchange and Himalaya Coin. But, Mr. Guo asserted that it would go bankrupt. Surprisingly, such a country has received nearly 50 to 60 billion US dollars (about hundreds of billions of RMB) from Communist China and relies on borrowing money to survive. Besides, Sri Lanka even does not have enough food, and its fertilizers are all imported from other countries. Thus, this country would go bankrupt due to its low credit.

No one believes Sri Lanka will go bankrupt like the Soviet Union. Mr. Guo said that this would lead to following bankruptcy countries at least 49 to 60 globally. It may lead to a severe food crisis and become the final straw of economic disaster. These bankrupted countries may last three or five years, even ten years, just like the global recession of 1913-1930.

The recessions may bring more disasters. All of them are caused by the Chinese Communist Party. We should ask Sri Lankans: Who do they hate the most now? Everyone may say that they hate China. Although Sri Lanka owes China the most money, it is China that they hate the most. That is called the Sri Lanka phenomenon, or the collapse phenomenon of socialism. This phenomenon will affect Chinese people far-reaching negatively. Thus, China will face an unprecedented and huge international disaster.

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