Paul Hastings Must Abide by CCP Regulations

Mr. Joe D. Whitley, an attorney from an Atlanta law firm, was appointed as the original trustee by U.S. Department of Justice for Miles Guo’s estate bankruptcy case. However, the U.S Department of Justice unexpectedly reappointed Mr. Luc Despins as the new trustee just a week later, on July 8th.

Attorney Luc Despins is a partner of Paul Hastings LLP’s Partners, a very well-known law firm in U.S. The firm has many locations including one located at 2 Jianguomenwai Ave., Chaoyang district, Beijing, China. Their clients include PAG, Binance, China BOHAI Bank, and the PingAn Group, as well as many other groups controlled by the CCP. This cites the conditions of conflict of interest in the case of Miles Guo.

According to theRegulation on the Administration of Foreign Law Firm’s Representative Office in China (effective as of Jan. 1, 2002), Article 3 states; Representative offices and their representatives shall, when conducting legal service activities, abide by the laws, regulations and rules of China, scrupulously observe the professional ethics and practice discipline of Chinese lawyers, and shall not endanger the State security, social and public interests in China.

Article 21 states; The judicial administration department of the State Council and the judicial administration departments of the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, in accordance with their duties, are responsible for the supervision and administration of representative offices and their representatives. It appears that Paul Hastings must follow CCP’s regulations to ensure the correct political direction and strictly prohibit any behavior or wording against the CCP. This could also conflict with the laws and standards of the United States justice system.

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