Paul Hastings’ Conflict of Interest With Miles Guo – HNA

On July 7, the U.S. DOJ Trustee Office appointed Luc A. Despins as trustee for Miles Guo through the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court, abruptly replacing the previous appointment of Joe D Whitley on June 30, but was later revealed to be in violation of the general rules of the “conflict of interest” between debtors and creditors.

Paul Hastings LLP. is one of the most successful law firms sought after by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the past two decades; besides PAG, it was revealed by Miles Guo that there are many of Paul Hastings Chinese clients also represent the “conflict of interest” with him, including Hainan Airlines (HNA), which holds direct “conflict of interest”.

On the Chinese pages of Paul Hastings’ official website, the law firm lists hundreds of successful cases representing clients from Communist China, two of them are of HNA, a Communist Chinese company involved in aviation, real estate, financial services, tourism, and logistics. On Dec 29, 2016, Paul Hastings announced they represented HNA Holdings Group (“HNA”) in its acquisition of the Oki Seattle Golf Course Portfolio (“Oki Golf”) for approximately US$137 million; on Jan 19th, 2022, Paul Hastings announced they won a case representing HNA, in which the bankruptcy court declined HNA’s debtor’s request of its bankruptcy filing to be blocked in a real estate dispute.

Miles Guo, the leader of the Whistleblower Movement, and founder of the New Federal State of China is considered the Chinese Communist Party’s number one enemy, who started his live broadcasting by exposing HNA, and Wang Qishan on Apr 19, 2017, of their corruption and evil actions around the world. Miles has revealed that HNA Group is involved in many industries in the CCP. HNA’s market value increased 120,000 times over 25 years. HNA was controlled by the Wang Qishan family, used more than 300 financial institutions and listed companies controlled overseas to launder money, and was suspected of defrauding the Securities Regulatory Commissions of the U.S., Hong Kong, and Communist China. HNA controls tens of trillions of Chinese people’s assets and then steals the hard-earned money of these people through illegal money laundering.

After his revelation, Miles Guo has since received 74 lawsuits filed against him by different entity groups representing the power of the CCP involving PAG, UBS, HNA, Alibaba, Binance, Pingan, etc. The abrupt trustee change in Miles’ personal bankruptcy case to the partner of Paul Hastings LLP by the DOJ has shown to the world the “power” of the CCP and its infiltration of the judicial system of the United States.

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