Russia’s Ambassador to Britain Warns “Not to Force Russia turns to Communist China”

According to European media reports on July 8th, Russia’s ambassador to Britain, Andrey Kelin, warned in an interview on Friday that if sanctions were to continue, Russia would turn sharply towards Communist China and the East.

Speaking at his London residence, Kelin declared that the West did not understand the real causes of the conflict and ignored the concerns that Russia needed. “The narrative is very short: Russia has been aggressive against an innocent Ukraine,” Kelin said. “This is not true at all.”

Kelin said Ukraine had been preparing for war for some time with the help of the United States and Britain. Russian President Putin on Thursday also accused Ukraine of being used by the West as part of a plan to weaken or even destroy Russia. Putin described the war as a necessary revolt against the United States, because the United States has humiliated Russia by expanding NATO eastward since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Kelin also criticized the United States for using Ukraine to threaten Russia.

Russian authorities also said Ukraine repeatedly killed civilians since 2014 in attacks on territory controlled by separatism members in the Russian-backed Donbas region of Ukraine. Before Russia’s invasion this year, fighting on the front lines in the region had cost thousands of casualties on both sides. “I don’t think that Europe understands what Ukrainian nationalism is. If sanctions will continue to be imposed on Russia, we will make a big turn to (Communist) China and the East.” Kelin said at the end.

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