Paul Hastings’ Conflict of Interest with Miles Guo – Bruno Wu

On July 7th, the United States Bankruptcy Court of Connecticut appointed Luc A. Despins as Miles Guo’s trustee of his personal assets in his personal bankruptcy case related to his lawsuit against PAX, a subsidiary company of PAG. Luc Desppin’s appointment is an unusual sudden swap of the previous trustee appointment of Joe D. Whitley on June 30th.

Luc Despins is known to be the co-chair and a long-term partner of Paul Hastings LLP, the law firm that represented Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) in its business restructure case in 2018. The trustee appointment of Paul Hastings’ long-term partner has raised concerns in regard to the Court’s procedural justice in terms of the ethics regarding the conflict of interest within the legal system.

Paul Hastings is known to have gained huge business interest in Communist China through its Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong offices, from 2005 until the present. Paul Hastings has completed over a thousand projects by representing Corporations from Communist China, one of their specialized business models is on behalf of a number of Chinese city’s commercial banks to complete the IPOs in Hong Kong H-share listings, among these Chinese city banks, there is one called Jinshang Bank.

On July 18, 2019, Paul Hastings’ Hong Kong office announced that they were representing Jinshang Bank and Completed its US$422 million global offerings and H-share listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to reports, one of Jinshang Bank’s shareholders is Harvest Fund, which is co-owned by Bruno Wu, who has been involved in multiple lawsuits against Miles Guo in the United States over the past 5 years.

The relationship between Paul Hastings LLP and Bruno Wu represents a common Conflict of Interest any Court or lawyer should avoid. Thus, on July 9th, during his Live Broadcast, Miles Guo announced he will soon apply a motion to the Bankruptcy Court to review his trustee appointment.

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