Huawei Withdrew Defamation Lawsuit Against French Researcher

According to a report on July 7th, Valerie Niquet, director and researcher of the Asia Department at FRS (Fondation for Strategic Research), was indicted for saying that Communist China’s technology giant Huawei was under control by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and was supposed to appear in court for questioning on the 7th. But Huawei unexpectedly withdrew its defamation lawsuit against Valerie Niquet.

It is reported that on February 7th, 2019, in a TV program on France 5, Niquet said that Huawei is “a special company” because it operates under the orders from the CCP. Subsequently, Huawei’s French branch and its parent company in Shenzhen filed a lawsuit against Niquet, which was the first time that Huawei files a lawsuit against a European researcher.

Niquet is also the author of the book “China’s Power in 100 Questions”. She pointed out on France 5 that there is no truly independent capital-intensive company in China. There is a party branch in the country’s government-owned or foreign companies, which is part of the management and the communist regime. In addition, a national security law introduced by Beijing in 2017 could force companies to hand over their data to the government.

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