U.S. and UK: the CCP is Biggest Long-term Threat

The FBI director Christopher A. Wray and the MI5 head Ken McCallum gave a joint speech in London and warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) posed the “biggest Long-term threat to our economic and national security.”

The heads of the U.S. and U.K. security agencies had a first-ever joint public appearance in an event attended by corporate and university stakeholders. They expressed a sense of crisis over the CCP’s espionage on intellectual property rights and political intervention in the West. Also, they mentioned the possibility of the Communist regime’s invasion of Taiwan.

The FBI director Wray emphasized that if the CCP forcibly took over Taiwan, “it would represent one of the most horrific business disruptions the world has ever seen.”

The two national intelligence agencies had been wary of the CCP’s Cyber Espionage in the West and its surreptitious lobbying of the western governments’ officials and political party leaders through the means of “BGY” (using information, money and sex) to influence other country’s elections and policy. But it is still rare to hear their joint public speech about it.

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