The CCP’s embassy in Japan is inextricably linked to the assassination of Shinzo Abe

Miles Guo, the founder of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC), revealed in his GETTR live broadcast on July 8 that the evacuation of CCP’s companies in Japan and Abe’s being threatened by CCP throughout this time indicated that the assassination of the former Japanese Prime Minister is inextricably linked to the CCP’s embassy in Japan.

The CCP has very recently announced in Japan that 100% of all major Communist China companies and state-owned companies will withdraw from Japan, and they are on the move. About two months ago, the CCP had privately informed Japanese politicians about this, which the CCP’s embassy in Japan also announced that all government owned enterprises of Communist China will withdraw from Japan in the next 26 months.

Moreover, the CCP also clearly expresses it’s stance to Japan and warn Abe multiple times: if Abe continues to publicly express his support for Taiwan on the Taiwan issue, the CCP will “do whatever needed to be done”, including threatening his personal safety.

Around March, Prime Minister Abe repeatedly expressed his support for Taiwan and his willingness to go to Taiwan to stand for Taiwan’s Democratic Party elections, that was also the time when Prime Minister Abe received the most intense threats from the CCP.

Later, Abe was directly threatened by the CCP’s spokesperson in Japan and CCP’s representative of the so-called Sino-Japanese friendship: If Abe did not stop supporting Taiwan, the CCP would use various “moves” against him.

Miles Guo said that Prime Minister Abe did not heed the threats and that all these inside stories will come to light in the future.

Let us pay our condolence to Prime Minister Abe and wish him rest in peace in heaven!

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