The Data Leakage of Billion-record Can Become Something Like Nuclear Weapon to Take Down CCP

Mr. Miles Guo reminded his fellow fighters to focus on the event of data leakage of 1 billion Chinese people on Gettr on July 5th, 2022. Smart fellow fighters who keep an eye on this matter will have endless topics to talk about in their broadcasts.

Miles said that the amount of information contained in the data of 1 billion people is huge and is something like a nuclear weapon that everyone can have to take down the CCP, especially since it is happening at this point.

Miles revealed that a certain person in Hainan told Miles, “This whole thing about data leakage has had a huge impact. Zeng Qinghong doesn’t look good to me.” Miles urged, “Don’t underestimate Zeng Qinghong and get in touch with him more. Zeng Qinghong, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and the Jiang family will get rid of Xi Jinping once and for sure. Once Xi is eliminated, the CCP is just bluffing.

Note: The international social media platform Telegram exposed the alleged data leakage of the Shanghai public security system on July 3rd. The purported stolen data reaches as many as 23.88 terabytes of sensitive information involving 1 billion Chinese residents, including names, genders, ages, birth addresses, ID photos, phone numbers, etc. The data also includes billions of police information, such as reporting time, the name, phone number, and the specific content of incidents described by the person reporting the case.

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