Leaked data shows the amount of population reduced in Communist China is equivalent to a total of US population

According to recent reports, a hacker claimed to have obtained the information of 1 billion Chinese citizens from the Ministry of Public Security of the Communist Party of China (CCP) and wanted to sell it for 10 bitcoins. The incident is the largest data breach experienced by CCP’s police department in seven decades. Previously, Miles Guo mentioned many times in livestream that the CCP’s population data was falsified. The actual population is less than 1.4 billion. On Miles Grand Live of July 6th, Mr. Miles talked about the large population reduction in Communist China again.

Miles Guo said that the signal brought by the big data breach verifies the truth figure on China’s 1 billion population, a reduction from 1.4 billion to 1 billion. The West said that all the economic data released by Bloomberg in the past were all fake, if the leaked CCP’s population data is true. The reduced population is equivalent to one United States or four Japan or five Russia. Based on the fake population figure, CCP’s economy figures were all fake.

The average age of the 1 billion people in the China mainland will be 68 to 70 years old by 2028. The country’s population structure is rapidly aging. And the population will be reduced to about 850 million. To make things worse, the CCP’s one-child policy, and the current environmental pollution will destroy the future of the entire nation.

Miles Guo pointed out that the CCP’s ability to deal with emergency is vulnerable, which can be seen from the CCP’s population data leakage incident. Once the data was leaked, CCP has no way to restore the data to the original state of confidentiality.

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