30 Countries to Initiate NATO Membership Approval Process for Finland and Sweden

Ambassadors of 30 member states to NATO signed a protocol in Brussels on Tuesday, July 5th, officially starting the ratification process for Finland and Sweden to join NATO. In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Finland and Sweden had broken with their long-held non-aligned stance and formally applied to join the NATO in May this year.

With the signing of the protocol, Finland and Sweden will be able to participate in NATO meetings as candidates and obtain more intelligence resources. However, the two countries will not yet be able to invoke NATO’s mutual defense clause and automatically receive military support from other allies in the event of attack until the ratification process is completed. As estimated, the process will be finished within a year.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg urged member states to move forward quickly with the approval process and assured the two Nordic countries of necessary support in the period. In addition, he said this is a good day for Finland and Sweden and a good day for NATO. Although we are facing with the biggest security crisis in decades, the 32 countries can be together to make our countries stronger and our people safer. NATO has been ready and opened the door for European democratic countries that are willing to contribute to our common security.

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