The NFSC’s Citizens Need to Find Ways to Restrain the Evil

In Miles’ Live Broadcast on July 3, Miles Guo shared his view that even though evil indeed exists in the world, there is more to life than that and people should never ignore the bright side of life just because of the existence of evil. The citizens of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) should become the group that provides solution to problems.

For example, despite a few members of the swamp still in an attempt to reduce population by vaccination, most countries have rescinded the vaccine mandate by now. Another example is that the Chinese Communist Party, an evil organization whereby the swamp can enslave ordinary people, has dated back to before the World War I. The Chinese Communist Party inherited the system of the former Soviet Union and continues to endanger the world.

However, Xi’s perverse practice will eventually bring him down along with the organization of the CCP. Miles emphasized that although both the experimental vaccine and the Chinese Communist Party will eventually be taken down, both of them are rooted in the evil of human nature. The main thing the people of the NFSC should do is to remove greed, anger, delusion, ignorance and doubt from their mind, enhance their ability to distinguish between true and false, between good and evil, rely on and assist each other to find a way to overcome the crisis of humanity.

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