Hcoin is advanced productivity and great wisdom

On July 2, Mr. Miles Guo disclosed in a short video via Getter that the digital era is coming to the stage of history due to the emergence of quantum and quantum computing.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been cheating the whole world in the foreign exchange stock market these days. Mr. Guo said that Europe, Japan, and the United States are promoting the digitization of a series of currencies, and no one can stop the blockchain digital currency era. No one can stop the blockchain digital currency era.

Additionally, in today’s world, the happiest people are these people who did not get COVID 19 vaccines and follow the pace of times. The whole world has entered a state of automatic annihilation of the CCP after the New Federal State of China (NFSC) set off the tide of annihilation of the CCP. Next, Europe and the world are in a state of finding a way to create a stablecoin.

Miles Guo also emphasized that digital currency will be accepted by the governments after knowing your customers (KYC). There is no digital currency exchange stricter, more legal, authentic, and transparent than the KYC of the Himalaya Exchange for all human beings. This is advanced productivity and great wisdom, the big play has not yet started, and there will be lying flat coins next.

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