Enterprise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Purchases land near the U.S. Air Force Base to build a factory

It was reported on July 1, that due to the CCP’s enterprise, Fufeng Group, had previously purchased land near an Air Force Base in the U.S. North Dakota and built a flour mill, which has raised concerns about national security from all walks of life.

Although the local mayor said, Fufeng Group not only has spent $2.6 million to purchase land but also plans to invest more than $700 million to build factories. Thus, it will bring massive employment and market opportunities. But both the Senate Intelligence Committee and the local community are opposed and planned to legislate to prevent this project.

It’s said, Grand Forks Air Force Base, near the flour mill, not only has the most sensitive Military Drone Technology but also is the center of the Space Network that handles the classified communication of the U.S. military around the world. As a result, the military claimed that the project is the CCP’s espionage by using business and posed a serious threat to the United States National Security.

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