Chinese Local Government Document Reveals Forced Baby “Societal Allocation”

Recently, a document copy of the Guangxi Quanzhou County Health and Health Bureau issued on July 1st, 2022, named “Notice of Quanzhou County Health Bureau on Tang Yueying, Deng Zhensheng Case Dismissal” went viral in mainland China. It stated that the local authority refused to accept Tang Yueying, Deng Zhensheng’s request to pursue Gao Lijun and other people suspected of child abduction and trafficking, requiring police to investigate.

The document states that the district strictly enforces the family planning policy of the 1990s, which aimed at “controlling the number of people and improving the quality of the population”, and that the “children born unlawfully are selected for societal transfer.” Therefore, there is no “abduction and sale” of children, it is “taken away” for “social transfer”. “At that time, no record was kept of the whereabouts of the unlawfully born children who were allocated by the authority,” the document concluded.

The Communist government is known to be a “licensed” mafia that openly engages in the trafficking of children for profit. At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is also good at specious arguments, using excuses like “facing huge difficulties”, “controlling the number of people and improving the quality of the population”, and “holding away for social transfer” in the document. The incompetence of the Chinese Communist government officials, designed and enforced anti-human rules and regulations cannot improve any of quality of anything. The officials brag using every beautiful word they could, and commit crimes as much as they can.

Miles Guo had revealed in a livestream, that “Population abduction in Henan alone amounts to more than 1 million, which are recorded.” This year’s Trafficking in Persons Report, released by the United States on July 1st, listed Communist China as the third human-trafficking country.

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