The Mission of Taking Down the CCP Will Blossom from Saint Petersburg

Among all the cities in Russia, St. Petersburg is not only close to Europe but looks the most like a European city. It is a window and frontier city for interaction and communication with the West. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) established the offshore Renminbi center in St. Petersburg, where the data centers of more than ten top CCP banks are located.

On September 10, 2021, Miles Guo exposed that Zhou Xiaochuan, the former head of the CCP central bank, once said that Himalaya Exchange targets St. Petersburg because it is the place where the world’s financial moguls gather and develop their self-serving plans. Miles Guo’s mission will blossom from St. Petersburg. The St. Petersburg faction will break out with the CCP for once and all with Europe, the US, and the New Federal State of China being the driving forces. On the May 11 broadcast, Miles said, the Himalaya Coin will be an important digital currency for Russia after its disintegration.

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