GETTR Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary: Big Tech’s Monopoly on Social Media is Numbered

According to a report on July 3rd, GETTR, a social media platform founded on Independence Day will be celebrating its 1st anniversary. GETTR, which has constant-updated new features is breaking the current social media market that monopolized by big tech companies in Silicon Valley. 

In the past year, GETTR has had nearly 6 million users from 192 different countries and regions. 

GETTR CEO Jason Miller recently told the press that big tech companies have completely monopolized the way people communicate online, but these GETTR statistics have sent a message to Silicon Valley that their “days are counting down.“ Y

The direct messaging feature will be released by GETTR on Monday. Beside direct messaging, the live streaming and short video features will also provide GETTR more competitive advantages to its competitors, including WhatsApp.

Jason Miller believes that GETTR currently is in a leading position “and is cementing its position as the leading alternative platform.” People can safely communicate without being monopolized and controlled by big tech companies, which makes Silicon Valley giants eventually realize that they are not irreplaceable.

Mr. Miller predicts that the social media industry will continue to decentralize, because people are looking for platforms outside of Silicon Valley that facilitate the information sharing and the expression of diverse opinions.

Mr. Miller finally expressed that it would be a good thing for society to welcome more platforms entering into the alternative platform space, so that multiple platforms can work together to challenge the monopoly of Silicon Valley.

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