Miles Guo Shares: Learn to Nurture and Cherish Good People

During the live broadcast on June 27th, Miles Guo took himself as an example to demonstrate to fellow fighters that “One takes on the color of one’s company” is not always true. Miles told fellow fighters that people are inherent, and that environment and education are important. The so-called “One takes on the color of one’s company” is ultimately caused by insufficient determination. Miles said he had the most frequent contact with the Chinese Communist Party, but he did not become a devil. Fellow fighters should not be misled by so-called historical quotes and should be grounded. In the process of growth, Family education, experience, and talent are critical, and when fellow fighters are together, they should mutually nurture and inspire the best and most beautiful aspects of their hearts.

Miles further added that fellow fighters should read, study, and eventually find themselves. The most important thing is to follow the good people, learn to love their fellow fighters, and believe that they have a mission. Miles said that there are many amazing fellow fighters behind us, silently helping many people through their greatest efforts. Everyone should cherish good people, it is the greatest wealth of life. For more content, please watch the following video.

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