Ashmore Group Aids CCP’s Kleptocrats to Loot People’s Wealth

In the June 28th Grand Live broadcast, Miles Guo explained how Ashmore Group helped the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) kleptocrats to loot the wealth from the Chinese people.

Miles revealed that Ashmore Group, a large investment group founded in 1992 in London, UK, has been deep-rooted in China, forming a coiled relationship with the banking system controlled by the CCP. When Wang Qishan, one of the top-CCP kleptocrats, came to power, just like a gangster, he immediately hollowed out the entire Everbright Bank and took over CITIC Bank in one fell swoop.

Some of China’s biggest real estate companies have been slumping or on the brink of collapse for a while, such as Country Garden, recently downgraded, while Evergrande Group, facing bankruptcy. Both companies are in the hands of Wang Qishan, who has been scheming for decades with overseas companies such as Blackstone Group, to keep the “security notes” inside China while transferring actual assets to their hidden overseas accounts.

Miles Guo pointed out that the real estate market of the Chinese Communist Party is de facto a means for the kleptocrats to launder wealth from the common people of China. That’s why a lot of unthinkable phenomena or policies occurring in China’s housing market. For instance, artificial thresholds are set up when the stocks are going upward, and vice versa; also, restrictive rules can be set up to prevent people from purchasing housing; but turn around, compulsory buying policies could kick in. All these are designed by the CCP’s kleptocrats to entice people to get swooped into the so-called real estate market, aimed at looting away people’s wealth.

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