Doctor fired over vaccines sues the authorities

According to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, the Centre has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dr. Christian, a former surgeon in Saskatchewan on June 24th. Dr. Christian was dismissed from provincial health bureau and university where he worked after he drew the attention to the authorities about “the risk of COVID vaccines for children”, in accordance with the “informed prevention principle”.

Christian expressed in a statement to the media and more than 200 doctors last June that the public should be sufficiently informed about the risks of childhood vaccination. He has since been dismissed from the provincial health bureau and the university. The doctor believes that the authorities had infringed on his constitutionally protected rights to freedom of speech and academic freedom, therefore, he filed lawsuit against his suspension and dismissal.

Lawyers say it is unconstitutional that the medical experts are censored by the government health department. The public should be able to hear different professional opinions from all parties and to benefit from these inquiries and debates. However, this information has been oppressed and silenced by the authorities.

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