The CCP Calls for “Emergency” Coal Production to Avoid Blackout

Under the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s regime, the ordinary people not only are faced with food crisis, but also the power crisis. Blindly increasing the coal production at the expense of the natural ecology will lead to another disaster.

The Guardian reported on Friday, Li Keqiang, the CCP’s Premier this week, “urged” energy officials to increase coal production to avoid blackout during a regional heatwave with historical record-high electricity consumption in multiple provinces.

According to the CCP’s state media reports of June 24th, quoted by The Guardian, Li Keqiang, the head of the CCP top administrative authority, said, it is urgent to develop the advanced coal production capacity to ensure the power supply, and resolutely prevent blackout during the peak summer.

Global Times, CCP’s state media, was the first to quote Li Keqiang’s demands for coal production on June 21st after he finished his “inspection” in Hebei province, north of the Communist China. Li said, if the energy authority cannot produce more coal in the affected areas, the daily economic operation and “basic livelihood” of its citizens will be at risk.

Since the early of June, a persistent heat wave has swept across the northern, central and eastern the Communist China. Nearly a dozen provinces in the area have reported the high-record electricity consumption. CCP’s Sate-run electricity grid, also officially named as State Grid Cooperation of China (SGCC), has been providing electricity to more than 1.1 billion people in 26 provinces, regions and municipalities. Electricity grid heavily depends on coal to provide the electricity energy for power station.

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