Chinese Communist Party’s virus prevention hollowed-out medical insurance, exclusion of thousands of drugs from reimbursement

Since the outbreak of the CCP pandemic, the number of drugs on the CCP’s health insurance list has begun to decrease each year. Thus, the number of reimbursable drugs on the medical insurance list for 1.4 billion people has dropped.

According to reports, nearly 995 drugs, including the common antibiotic medicines Cephalosporin Capsules and Cold Capsules, have been removed from the reimbursable medical insurance catalog.

According to an incomplete estimates report, the cost of Covid tests in Communist China has reached more than 300 billion RMB since the outbreak. It reported that 70% to 95% of the Covid testing cost in the CCP is covered by health insurance. Only a small amount of the cost is from the local governments in Communist China.

In addition, some expensive drugs on Communist China’s medical insurance list would not use on the general public. For example, the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital and Beijing Hospital provide senior officials with medical services and expensive drugs, but these expenses are covered by health insurance ultimately.

The current “zero policy” and Covid tests have consumed a large amount of health insurance funds in Communist China. Even the common drugs have been removed from the health insurance list. The people within Communist China are suffering from all of that.

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