Wang Xiumei – Meng Hongwei” of the International Criminal Court”

On December 8th, 2021, based on an arrest warrant issued by the Chinese Communist authorities, Cypriot police seized two fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China and subsequently released them on bail. However, the Chinese authorities continued to pressure the Cypriot government to extradite two fellow fighters home. At the same time, Wang Xiumei, a professor at the Law School of Beijing Normal University, served as the Chinese Communist Party’s pawn.

Due to the signing of an extradition treaty between Cyprus and the Chinese Communist Party, the extradition hearing was held at the Paphos District Court in Cyprus on March 2nd, 2022. The proceedings took approximately 18 months. Wang Xiumei was one of the so-called “witnesses” provided by the prosecution in the international extradition case.

The Communist Party of China mainly sent Wang Xiumei into battle because she had a layer of disguise in an international organization, just like Meng Hongwei, the former chairman of Interpol, who is in a Chinese jail. Wang Xiumei served as the deputy president of the Second Criminal Trial Division of the Supreme People’s Court of China and served as a high-level figure in the judicial circles. Although Wang Xiumei’s rank is not as high as Meng Hongwei’s former Deputy Minister of Public Security, Wang Xiumei has long studied the laws of other countries and has many confusing titles in the international legal academia. It includes the Secretary-General of the China branch of the International Association of Criminal Law and a senior researcher at the Asian-American Law Institute of New York University. In addition, she was a visiting scholar of the International Criminal Court, Executive Editor-in-chief of the International Criminal Law Review, etc.

The Chinese Communist Party has always bought various international organizations through surveillance, bribery, and exploitative means. Over the years, the Chinese Communist authorities have deployed many Public Prosecution and Law Division professionals to these overseas organizations. The former President of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, is a typical example. Wang Xiumei is the female version of Meng Hongwei sent to Cyprus by the Communist Party, and she will also end up in a Chinese prison.

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