Mr. Miles Guo: A New Digital Financial Platform Was Born in the Contest With the CCP

Mr. Miles Guo revealed in the video of reporting his personal safety to fellow fighters that Jack Ma, Xu Jiayin, and Wang Jianlin have all been CCP communists, and their assets in the United States are being sold at 50% of the price. At the same time, the CCP sold a lot of bills in Hong Kong and in the international market. The CCP is struggling with all its strength. Even if domestic real estate is on the verge of collapse at any moment, the CCP is trying to find ways to survive every second.
Mr. Miles Guo also mentioned that in a series of contests with the CCP, the New Federal State of China has birthed a brand-new true digital payment system, which no one can interfere with because it is a non-politicized international financial payment platform.
The outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war triggered boycotts and sanctions by the Global Justice League. Mr. Miles Guo introduced that the CCP realized through the Russia-Ukraine war that it must quickly convert all cash into gold. Mr. Miles Guo said that now Russia is banned from exporting gold, and some gold companies, including Canada, are facing sanctions. It is difficult for the CCP to buy gold.
Screenshot of Mr. Miles Guo’s Gettr on June 26, 2022
Mr. Miles Guo also revealed that in order to buy more gold, the CCP placed a large amount of money looted overseas with a foreign third party or shipped it back to China to hedge against subsequent U.S. sanctions on the CCP. In addition to the above methods, the CCP has also invested in minerals in some so-called “safer countries”, such as Africa and South America, which are beyond the reach of US long-arm jurisdiction. In short, the CCP has increased the transfer and increased the power of hidden assets.
The New Federal State of China is doing its best to stop the CCP. Mr. Miles Guo said that it was in this contest that the idea of such a digital payment platform was born. A non-politicized future international financial system that no one can interfere with.

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