Draghi Said No more reliance on Russia” at the G7 Summit”

“The energy crisis will not lead to a resurgence of populism. Eliminate energy dependence on Russia forever, first by strengthening gas infrastructure and then by converting to hydrogen. Even if energy prices fall, back to Reliance on Russia in the past is also unthinkable. We must eliminate our reliance on Russia forever.” Italian Prime Minister Draghi warned at the G7 summit.“In the current scenario, short-term demand will require significant investment in gas infrastructure in developing countries as well as elsewhere. We have to ensure that they can then be converted to use hydrogen, which is a way to reconcile short-term and long-term needs.” Draghi told a news conference in Elmau during his G7 work break.

 “We must avoid the mistakes we made after the 2008 crisis, and the energy crisis must not lead to a resurgence of populism.” Draghi pointed out, “We have a way to do this, we have to soften the impact of rising energy prices, compensate families and businesses in difficulty, and tax on lucrative companies.”

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