CCP’s Blockchain-Based Service Network (BSN)

The Ministry of Intelligence of the PLA, China and blockchain experts from Israel and Japan have jointly developed the Blockchain-Based Service Network – BSN in Hong Kong. It is led by Wang Qishan’s lover, Gao Yanyan, who is the founder of China Investment Corp and president of Blackstone Group Asian District. BSN is based on blockchains with irreversible and immutable bookkeeping and some special encryption, calculated by bio-computers and quantum computers.

 The ultimate goal for CCP to develop the BSN is to establish a CCP standard. BSN neither provides actual blockchains nor allows the set up of a public chain. The arbitration nodes of new blockchains created by industry application developers are fully regulated by the CCP, they can delete blockchains and distributed ledgers any time. However, several people in charge of the BSN are fellow fighters of the whistleblower movement. The investment shareholders of the Himalaya Exchange are the most important technology owners of 5th generation blockchain technology. The NFSC’s Himalaya Exchange will knock out the CCP’s BSN.

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