Taiwan Chip Maker GlobalWafers Will Invest $5 Billion in Texas for New Factory

GlobalWafers (6488.TWO) will spend $5 billion to build a new plant in Texas to produce silicon wafers for semiconductors, report has it on June 28th.

 The company said on Monday that new plant to produce 300mm silicon wafers will begin construction later this year and create up to 1,500 jobs in Sherman, Texas.

 With a global chip shortage and ongoing geopolitical concerns, GlobalWafers is taking the opportunity to improve resilience of the US semiconductor supply chain by building an advanced, state-of-the-art 300mm silicon wafer factory, said Doris Hsu, Chairman and CEO. Instead of importing wafers from Asia, GlobalWafers USA (GWA) will manufacture and supply wafers locally. The investment will be made in a “phased” manner, based on the identification of actual customer demand.

 The US has been encouraging foreign technology companies to manufacture in the country and the Government has welcomed such move, with US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo saying it would strengthen the economy and national security.

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