Serbian President Warns of War in Europe

It was reported on June 26th that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said the European Union is participating in a “direct war” with Russia and that it could give rise to a world war.

Vucic proclaimed at a press conference on Saturday after meeting with 27 EU leaders and heads of government in the Western Balkans, he believed that Serbia has not been attached importance to the EU, which is at war with Russia and whose priorities are to provide candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova.

Serbia formally applied for EU membership in 2009 and has yet to be granted EU candidate status.

He also made harsh predictions about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, claiming that if the fighting in the Donbas does not end with a truce, the world will face a world war more worse than ever.

Serbia is severely dependent on Russian energy as 70% of its oil consumption is from Russia. But last week, Serbia proclaimed that it will call off importing Russian oil in November this year.

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