U.S. Intelligence: Russia Order Black Sea Fleet to Block Ukrainian Ports

A media revealed on June 26th that the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet Chernomorsky Flot has received operational orders to block the Ukrainian ports of Odessa and Ochakiv on the Black Sea coast.

U.S. government officials told media based on recently declassified intelligence that Russian forces have laid mines in the Black Sea. The mines were also deployed on the Dnieper River. In this regard, Russian officials claimed that they did not lay mines in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, but stressed that mines were actually laid in the Black Sea near Ochakiv.

The incident comes against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which blocked the export of millions of tons of grain. This intensified concerns about the food crisis in the global market. To this end, Western countries have accused Russia of “weaponizing” food supplies.

In response to the above-mentioned accusations, Russia said it did not prevent the export of agricultural products from Ukraine, and argued that Ukraine was responsible for clearing the sea mines and allowing ships to pass. Even Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier this month that Russia was not involved in any sabotage of ship operations.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kreva said at a recent U.S. State Department meeting thatRussia is laying mines scattered in the Black Sea. Ukraine is laying mines in the sea for self-defense while Russia is destroying Ukrainian ships.

In a phone interview with reporters, he stressed that the real question is what happens when the danger of mines is eliminated in these ports. Who can guarantee that Russia will not use the opening of the port to launch a sea attack on Odessa?

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