The CCP’s Foreign Ministry says Xi and Putin Cooperate Against the U.S.-Led Global Order

Xi Jinping, President of Communist China, and Putin, President of Russia, have agreed to work together to counter the international order dominated by the United States and European democracies, the CCP’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday, reported by Kyodo News on June 15 Beijing.

Xi Jinping said that Beijing and Moscow should join hands to promote the international order’s development of “fair and just” in a telephone conversation with Putin, the CCP’s foreign ministry said.

In the cause of Russia’s long-term invasion of Ukraine, the foreign ministry still quoted Xi Jinping’s words as telling Putin that Beijing is willing to continue supporting Moscow so that Russia can defend its core interests, such as sovereignty and security.

Communist China always has shied away from criticizing Moscow since Russia launched a major attack on Ukraine on Feb 24 while opposing punitive sanctions imposed on the country by the U.S. and European countries.

The ministry said that in the first telephone conversation on Feb 25, Putin told Xi Jinping that Russia opposed any attempts by foreign powers to interfere in Communist China’s internal affairs, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang.

Before attending the Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony, Putin visited Communist China on Feb 4 to meet Xi Jinping.

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