CCP embargoes Taiwan’s grouper under its policy of encircling but not attack”

Following the introduction of a series of fruit embargo measures against Taiwan, Communist China’s Department of Supervision on Animal and Plant Quarantine of the General Administration of Customs announced in the evening of June 10 that the import of Taiwan’s grouper has been suspended since June 13. The reason given by the Department of Animal and Plant Quarantine is the detection of malachite green, crystalline violet and other prohibited drugs in Taiwan grouper.

The founder of the New Federal State of China, Miles Guo has repeatedly warned the world that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) current strategy towards Taiwan is to “encircle but not attack”. In response to the CCP’s grouper embargo, the Taiwanese government responded to the CCP on the 12th regarding it’s claim of having detected the banned agent, “we tested it completely, we gave the relevant scientific evidence to the them, and they have not replied.”

The CCP has always disobeyed international norms; it has always let politics dictate and control everything. Taiwan has been overly dependent on the Mainland Chinese market, causing it to be subjected to this political blackmail and extortion.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Wu Chiu-sup said that “buying goods, stealing technology, and then weaponizing trade” is a consistent practice of the CCP. He believes that free and fair trade with this regime is a pipe dream and that doing business with them is only helping them to strengthen their military.

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