Shocking Data On Vaccine-Related Deaths and Injuries from New Zealand Doctors

According to a source reported on May 31, doctors of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) sent a joint open letter to the New Zealand government, urging authorities to investigate the deaths following CCP virus vaccination. In the letter, doctors highlighted that an alarming number of fatalities and injuries emerged in New Zealand among vaccinated people. The extent of harm arising from the CCP virus vaccine has been blocked on some channels that should have disseminated helpful information.

As stated by these doctors, the database of NZDSOS has recorded around 500 deaths. They provided information on around one-third of those victims with aliases, most of whom were young people and even children, dying suddenly from blood clots in the brain or heart. These medical professionals call this phenomenon “a humanitarian crisis.”

Eddie, 13 years old from Wellington, died in his sleep several days after CCP virus vaccination. Joanna, 15, passed away on the way to a hospital after fainting in her bathroom. Timothy, 33, died from a heart attack two days after CCP virus vaccination. In Sep 2021, Annabelle, 38, died only two hours after her second dose of the CCP virus vaccine, however, the hospital forced her family members to sign a vow of silence after confirming that she died from vaccination.

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