Japanese Professor Says Both Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA Fall into the Category of the Synthetic Virus

On June 10, Dr. Seiji Kojima, an emeritus professor at Nagoya University, said in a program that both Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNAs fell into the category of the synthetic virus because both of them produced spike proteins in the body. Professor Kojima first said that the mRNA vaccine was an artificial virus, which almost had the same structure as the CCP virus and caused symptoms overlapping with those from CCP virus.

Japanese official death toll after vaccination currently stood at 1690, where myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular infarction, and hemorrhage were among the leading causes of deaths. However, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has neither given any explanation nor claimed that they would carry out investigations.

In contrast, the clinical doctors of 112 cases along with pathological analysis of 28 cases all verified that there was a causal link between death and the CCP virus vaccine. Nevertheless, the Ministry still insisted the association between the 1,690 deaths and vaccines could not be determined. Professor Kojima said that, as a clinical doctor who saw his own conclusions being denied, his only belief would be there must be more important reason behind the denial.

Professor Kojima’s challenge to the essence of vaccines as well as his doubt about the judgment of the Ministry both confirmed Miles Guo’s analysis during his grand live broadcast on June 10th that there were only Western mRNA vaccines and CCP’s inactivated RNA vaccines, both of which were the CCP virus itself in essence and would trigger a sharp decline in human immunity, ultimately causing the deaths of massive population. Governments, who were scared to admit the relevance between vaccination and death, have defied common sense and medical knowledge to cover up the truth about deaths caused by vaccine.

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