Judge Dismissed Motion filed by Wu Zheng Against Miles Guo’s Bankruptcy Case

On June 8, Miles Guo mentioned in a Grand Live Broadcast that in order to sabotage the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on June 4th, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spy Wu Zheng (Bruno Wu) filed a motion against Miles’ bankruptcy case in a Connecticut court on June 1.

The bankruptcy case was filed in response to the absurd ruling that Miles had to pay $134 million to PAG within 5 days. The fact that PAG could fabricate a bogus case against Miles and receive compensation is a clear reflection of the CCP’s infiltration in the U.S. justice system and the success of the BGY plan. Shortly after filing for bankruptcy in the Connecticut state court, Miles decided to withdraw the case due to substantial amount of money involved. However, Wu Zheng filed a motion on June 1st, pleading with the judge to continue the case and claiming he would provide more evidence. The judge denied Wu Zheng’s motion, clearly knowing that Wu Zheng is working for the CCP and the motion was unusual.

Miles also mentioned that the United States has begun legislation to eradicate the CCP, and all cases of the CCP’s persecution of Mr. Guo will be investigated one by one.

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