Xi Jinping would attack Taiwan in two ways: a military blockade or a nuclear strike

On June 12, 2022, Miles Guo said in a live broadcast that Xi Jinping would attack Taiwan in two ways: a military blockade or a nuclear strike, but that he would fail eventually.
Mr. Guo’s knowledge of Xi Jinping suggests that if he hadn’t been guided by someone higher up, Xi Jinping would have attacked Taiwan. There would be only two ways for him to attack Taiwan, the first is to block Taiwan with its army, and the other is to launch a destructive attack on Taiwan with quick strikes and siege. If this happens, the United States will not be able to destroy the CCP in three minutes and will have to fight a long battle at sea, eventually bringing down the world economy.
The CCP wants to drag down the economies of Taiwan and the United States, and thus the world economy, while waiting for the RMB era to arrive. In addition, the CCP intends to use the war as a distraction to solve the tremendous human death caused by the vaccine disaster and to solve internal and external political problems to deploy a long-term financial strategy.
Second, if the United States wipes out the CCP or its military facilities, the CCP will likely use nuclear force. Miles Guo believes that the CCP’s chances of success are zero.
For now, a three-minute quick war in Taiwan is unlikely, but no matter which method the CCP employs, it will not escape annihilation in the end.

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