Japan data shows surge in deaths after vaccination

On June 10th, a Japanese television program titled “Precipice facing Japan” demonstrated the evolution of Japanese deaths from January, 2019 to March, 2022 based on data published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. However, YouTube removed the video within 12 hours after its release on the grounds of breach of community guidance.
It is learnt that the number of deaths in each month of 2021 is higher than that of 2020. Since Japan began promoting CCP virus vaccine in April, 2021, the monthly number of deaths has continued to rise. The mortality statistics between August, 2021 and March 2022 indicated there was an increase of more than 60,000 deaths per month in comparison to the same period last year. In addition, the month-to-month increase in the number of deaths during the first quarter of 2022 exceeded 15,000. In this regard, Kojima Seiji, emeritus professor of Nagoya University said the spike in the number of deaths was caused by a combination of factors and investigations into the association between death and vaccination had to be carried out to explain the reasons for the spike.
All the data has verified what Miles Guo has repeatedly warned about. CCP virus is merely a prelude, while it is the CCP virus vaccine that really harms people and results in death. The admirable citizens of the New Federal State of China took no vaccine and had the most stable cryptocurrency in the world, which was their greatest fortune.

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