The Proper Use of the CCP Virus Vaccine Antidote

During the live broadcast on June 10th, Miles Guo once again warned fellow fighters there is no panacea in the world, even artemisinin requires the correct method and dosage. Miles emphasized that although artemisinin can alleviate and remove the damage caused by vaccines to the human body to a certain extent, this does not mean that artemisinin is a panacea. The effectiveness of artemisinin is based on the correct dose, correct dosage method and good eating habits. For some people with specific physiques, the effect of artemisinin will be greatly reduced.
Miles Guo finally emphasized again that it is impossible for the New Federal State of China to save everyone. Every fellow fighter can only spread the truth about the CCP virus vaccine as much as one can, and tell those who have been vaccinated about the medicine. Lastly, do not let saving people become the biggest burden in life .

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