The CCP Sends Graduates to Work in Rural Areas

With unemployment among young people in urban areas soaring to an all-time high, Chinese authorities are urging college graduates to seek work in China’s vast but underdeveloped countryside, sparking a backlash. Some critics say that this move is like the resurrection of Down to the Countryside Movement. At the same time, the CCP is also making high-profile efforts to restart the movement.
Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Education, Finance, and Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued a notice to guide college graduates to seek employment and start businesses in urban and rural communities and “actively recruit college graduates to serve as village officials.”
The government will offer concessions to small businesses in the village that employ university graduates, including in areas such as housekeeping and aged care. But typically, college graduates in China prefer to work in high-paying companies in big cities, and there is a wide income gap between rural and urban areas.
What is the purpose for the CCP to restart the Down to the Countryside Movement?
First, the epidemic policy has led to the collapse of the real economy; all walks of life are precarious; companies have closed down; enterprises have ceased production; and where are the remaining jobs?
Furthermore, whether it is Mao Zedong or Xi Jinping, they do not want these graduates to have independent ideas, so they are sent to the countryside. As a result, intellectual peasantization is a step backwards in terms of civilization and a strengthening of the dictatorship since Xi hasto control the people’s minds.

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