6/12/2022 Summary Of Mr. Miles Guo Live Broadcasting-2

13. The CCP’s infighting is likely to trigger military turmoil and law enforcement department revolutions inside CCP and government.

14. The second half of next year is the most favorable to the Whistleblower Movement.

15. CCP’s nuclear missile will be intercepted within 15 seconds of launch.

16. Zhao Changpeng’s illegal products, his license is the test license of the Dubai Exchange.

17. Zhao Changpeng is hurting people all the time, and those who are involved in Binance will receive endless blows in both the Communist China and the United States.

18. Singapore granted two new digital banking licenses, not to the United States, but to Greenland holding, in fact, to the Chinese Communist Party.

19. Singapore’s Lee family is 100% controlled by the CCP and Singapore will probably disappear.

20. The Communist China and Hong Kong’s economy has collapsed and their stock market is totally distorted.

21. The largest intelligence platform in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

22. The largest intelligence platform in Shanghai is the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

23. Digital currency is the focus of the future economy, and the extermination of the CCP is the focus of politics.

24. Digital currencies must rise, the US dollar hegemony will disappear.

25. Once Himalaya Exchange takes four financial licenses from one sovereign country, H-coin will really take off.

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