Himalaya Coin Will Be the Standard of Digital Currencies

During the celebration gathering event of the 2nd anniversary of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), Connie Morgan shared her opinions on HCoin during her interview with Miles Guo, which is also her first ever public media interview.

Mrs. Morgan is very familiar with the digital currencies, she understands the meaning of the HCoin since it first came out, she said HCoin is a very “clean” digital currency, which is “why it was so stable when the rest of the cryptocurrencies were falling”, and HCoin will become the standard of the digital currencies.

Miles further explained, it’s because HCoin, as a very stable and “clean” digital currency, is anchored by HDollar (HDO) as its stablecoins, which is fundamentally different from all the other digital currencies, including Bitcoin, with their “funds” being embezzled for other investments.

When asked by Mrs. Morgan if HCoin has received the endorsement from the Japanese Government, Miles said, HCoin will for sure receive the authorizations and endorsements from many sovereign countries soon.

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