6/12/2022 Summary Of Mr. Miles Guo Live Broadcasting-1

1. A month ago Putin made two attempts to use nuclear weapons and was stopped by the nuclear weapon application procedure.

2. The US dollar will coexist with digital currencies, but the dollar’s position will weaken.

3. U.S. sanctions against Russia have decoupled a significant number of countries from the dollar.

4. The CCP used the Taiwan Strait crisis to bring down the global economy, bring down the US dollar, divert internal conflicts and COVID vaccine disasters, and then promote the internationalization of the RMB.

5. Singapore U.S.-China defense chief talks: U.S. confirms that any use of force against Taiwan will be considered an attack on the U.S. and that the U.S. will go to war without prior notice.

6. Europe will have a series of legislation to sanction the CCP.

7. American traitors cannot change the general trend of taking down the CCP.

8. Alvin Jiang believes that Xi will be overthrown, Li Keqiang will get power, and China will reopen after the CCP 20th National Congress.

9. Han Zheng believes that the CCP will be democratized by international standards in the future after the 20th National Congress.

10. The 20th Congress is a decisive battle in the CCP’s political infighting.

11. Xi Jinping’s health is really bad.

12. Shanghai’s secretary and mayor are to change, Guangdong also has changes.

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